Glenlivet Public Hall

- Want to join a Club? -

Want to join a Club?

The Glenlivet Hall committee is trying to find out if there is any interest in setting up new clubs utilising the hall. As you may be aware recent changes to the hall mean that there is now both the main hall and a smaller room (bar) available.
We would be grateful if you could spare some time and complete the following questionnaire.

I would be interested in:

Coffee mornings Bridge
Arst & Crafts Lunch club
Drama Chess or Drafts
Book club Ballroom dancing
Music, playing:
Other activity:

My preferred time and day of the week would be:
Weekday daytime
Weekday evening

I am willing to get actively involved in running the club

Any other comments:

Name: Telephone:

Glenlivet Public Hall
Bridgend of Glenlivet
Ballindalloch, Moray, AB37 9BX
Scottish Charity Number SC015211